My name is Addison Grace and I’m 14 years old. I’ve always been blessed to be very healthy and have grown up as an athlete in a gym. I’m homeschooled and just started my 10th grade year. I plan to graduate high school at age 16. My mom has been a personal trainer my whole life so I’ve always heard how important it is to eat healthy and train properly. When I was younger it was easy but recently having brothers that drive and friends that drive I found myself going through drive thrus and eating greasy food and milkshakes. If there had been an option for healthy food or a good salad bar it would have been easier to make good choices. As my mom says, ”We live in a toxic environment and life is full of choices….make good ones.”

When I was 13 I started meal prepping at home. People at my mom’s gym noticed her eating my meals and asked her about it and this grew into my first business. I was meal prepping for some of her clients and then started juicing for them and before long I had outgrown our kitchen. I noticed how much better I felt eating healthy again. My hair, skin, nails and energy level were so much better. I was still wishing there was a fresh salad bar in the area so I talked my mom into helping me open a restaurant. I’m so excited to offer our community a healthy option for eating out. I believe that people are looking for a healthy lifestyle change and I want to help them. I offer people the option of eating a whole food plant based diet and I appreciate all the support I have received on my journey.